Struggling with Your School’s Endless Budget & Finance Deadlines?

Struggling with Your School's Endless Budget & Finance Deadlines?

It seems that the job of getting the finance complete is never-ending. It’s all about support you have, and the amount you can delegate.

As a finance officer/school business manager in a busy school office, usually finance is just one of the numerous duties you have on your to-do list. You have so many finance deadlines that need to be completed every month.

Remember your School finance is the foundation of everything your school need to operate on a daily basis. What essential repairs or projects can you start? What staff can be employed to improve the outcome for the children? Is the cashflow on target for each month, for the rest of the financial year?

If your school is struggling financially to break even, Do you follow exact procedures to get your school onto straight and narrow, financially?

Having your finances lagging can be a nightmare. Working by yourself to make it work will lead to a never-ending perpetual problem. And this is not the answer.

Where do you get you to support for independent advice and training? Where can you get the specific training for your step by step financial procedure to make this continual finance process a breeze?

Let have a chat so that we can work out your ideal day to day finance procedures through our free Finance Procedure call.