Budget Setting Support Meetings

Budget Support Meetings

We at EFS offer one to one dedicated Budget-setting meetings.

Meetings can be held in person via the internet or on the phone.

  • We can pre-populated The Cost Planner Software, automatically creating your three-year plan.
  • We prepare the budget information via Uniquely designed EFS Cost Planner incorporating the latest Payroll information.
  • Our ‘At a Glance’ Page gives an excellent overview of the three-year Budget Projection.
  • We create various ‘What if’ scenarios for Strategic Planning and Restructuring Projects.
  • Various summary reports for Governors meetings
  • Two-page CFR Budget Report for either current year or any of the future years.
  • At a glance three-year CFR Budget report.

Mid-year budget profiling

With the three year planning processes, it is recommended to review the budget mid-year, especially with changes that happen in September with changing teaching staff.

Preparing and adjusting your budget in September keeps your budget up-to-date and will make it easier to relay the new budget of the following year.

Why not give us a call.  Don’t just keep it in your head, come and talk to us, free of charge.

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